wisdom Meaning in tamil


vijadam / விஸ்டம்   

ஞானம், உளவுத்துறை

Definition And Meaning Of wisdom

Noun (பெயர்ச்சொல்)

The ability to use your experience and knowledge to make informed decisions and judgments

- Patience and wisdom come from old age.

- Before I went to work, my father gave me some words of wisdom.

Good sense and judgment, based especially on your experience of life

- A man of great wisdom.

Knowledge gained over a long period of time through learning or experience

- The collected wisdom of many centuries.

Synonyms of wisdom (ஒத்த சொற்கள்)

sense knowledge sagacity intelligence understanding judgment prudence sapience enlightenment acumen

Antonyms (எதிர்ச்சொற்கள்)

stupidity silliness foolishness ignorance folly madness nonsense absurdity idiocy brainlessness

Similar Words (ஒத்த வார்த்தைகள்)

wireless wiring wish wise wishful thinking

Example Sentences Of wisdom In English-Tamil

1) Surprised at the casual wisdom of her words, Gabriel was quiet.

2) It is wisdom that King Solomon asked God for, not intelligence.

3) Doubt is the beginning not the end of wisdom.

4) Books are the ever-burning lamps of accumulated wisdom.

5) Sure. My mind isn't donating any words of wisdom that make a lick of sense.

6) But the great wisdom of Peisistratus is shown most clearly in the skill with which he blinded the people to his absolutism.

7) The wisdom of nations lies in their proverbs, which are brief and pithy.

8) His wisdom grew mainly out of his own reflections and experiments.

9) Politeness is not always the sign of wisdom, but the want of it always leaves room for the suspicion of folly.

10) The seriousness of Mr. Cooms' concerns convinced me of the wisdom in securing what he suggested.

11) I define wisdom as deriving a course of action from applying a value system to a situation.

12) To true wisdom there is only one way, the path that is laid down in my system.

13) I thought how strange it was that such precious seeds of truth and wisdom should have fallen among the tares of ignorance and corruption.

14) True wisdom is know what is best worth knowing, and to do what is best worth doing.

15) Some of the best lessons we ever learn from our mistakes and failuresThe error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.

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wisdom meaning in Tamil (தமிழ் அர்த்தம்) is ஞானம், உளவுத்துறை. English definition of wisdom: The ability to use your experience and knowledge to make informed decisions and judgments

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