wipe Meaning in tamil


wipe / வாஇப   

துடைக்க, அகற்று

Definition And Meaning Of wipe

Verb (வினை)

Slide a piece of cloth over the surface to remove dirt, food, or liquid

- He began to wipe the floor.

- I'm going to wipe the windows well.

Noun (பெயர்ச்சொல்).

Wipe is a small, soft, wet cloth to clean things

- Antiseptic wipes.

- Baby wipes.

Synonyms of wipe (ஒத்த சொற்கள்)

clean wash scrub erase sweep delete remove dry cleaning obliterate

Antonyms (எதிர்ச்சொற்கள்)

infect defile dust muddy never wash awful blacken crocked

Similar Words (ஒத்த வார்த்தைகள்)

winning winter wire wireless wintertime

Example Sentences Of wipe In English-Tamil

1) She sighed and pulled her hands free to wipe her eyes.

2) Wipe that expression off your face!

3) One dose of penicillin can wipe out the infection.

4) With the power of Hell behind him, Darkyn could raise an Army of Souls to wipe out the mortal realm.

5) Please wipe the bottles out before you return them.

6) The spill could wipe out the Gulf's turtle population.

7) She gave up trying to wipe the moisture from her hands.

8) They managed to wipe out the entire aboriginal population.

9) Wake up everyday stronger than yesterday, face your fear and wipe your tears.

10) I spilled my coffee all over the table and Mom leaned across me to wipe it up.

11) How do you wipe out an entire town down to the rats without anyone else ever finding out?

12) The king abode for no more than three months in England; he got himself recrowned at Winchester, apparently to wipe out the stain of his German captivity and of an enforced homage which the emperor had extorted from him.

13) Did you see what I did as a betrayal, because I chose my role as a Guardian over helping you wipe out the Others and anyone else in the way?

14) Time has traveled into fragmentary memories of the dawn and then melt into one wipe mist.

15) Tell him how much it'll cost and that should wipe the smile off his face.

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wipe meaning in Tamil (தமிழ் அர்த்தம்) is துடைக்க, அகற்று. English definition of wipe: Slide a piece of cloth over the surface to remove dirt, food, or liquid

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