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tehsil / டெஹஸில்   

உட்பிரிவு, தாலுகா

Definition And Meaning Of tehsil

Noun (பெயர்ச்சொல்)

An administrative area or region of India

- Over 60 percent of this area is made up of the single tehsil of Kishtwar.

Tehsil is a local unit of administrative division in some countries of the Indian subcontinent

Describe (விவரிக்க)

A tehsil (Hindi pronunciation: [tahaseel], also known as tahsil, taluka, or taluk) is a local unit of administrative division in some countries of the Indian subcontinent that is usually translated to "township".

It is a subdistrict of the area within a district including the designated city, town, hamlet, or other populated place that serves as its administrative centre, with possible additional towns, and usually a number of villages.

The terms in India have replaced earlier geographical terms, such as pargana (pergunnah) and thana.

Synonyms of tehsil (ஒத்த சொற்கள்)

taluka taluk upazila sadar panchayath

Example Sentences Of tehsil In English-Tamil

1) Mr . Faiz Muhammad Jaffar is the first Tehsil Nazim of Drug Tehsil.

2) The village was granted sub-tehsil status in February 2014.

3) It is the headquarters of the tehsil by the same name.

4) The city now has headquarters for administrative units of the tehsil.

5) Abhona is the largest town in Kalwan tehsil after Kalwan city.

6) It is the headquarters of the Taxila Tehsil in the Rawalpindi district.

7) The famous Kishan Ganga Hydro Electric Project is also located in the Gurez Tehsil of Bandipora.

8) Syed Sawan Shah' s family left Khothian and move to Aadhi situated in Tehsil Gujar Khan where his followers were living.

9) There is no administrative unit below the subdivision or tehsil.

10) The system of partitioning, and also the nomenclature, vary in the different provinces; but generally it may be said that the subdivision or tahsil is the ultimate unit of administration.

11) Sahara is surrounded by Kanshiram Nagar Tehsil towards North, Mahamaya Nagar Tehsil towards North, Akola Tehsil towards South, Agra Tehsil towards East.

12) Before independence, Patti was a Tehsil of the Lahore district.

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tehsil meaning in Tamil (தமிழ் அர்த்தம்) is உட்பிரிவு, தாலுகா. English definition of tehsil: An administrative area or region of India

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