secularism / செக்குலரிஜம்   


Definition And Meaning Of secularism

Noun (பெயர்ச்சொல்)

The belief that religion should not be involved in social and political activities

- He has now left religion and believes in secularism.

- There is also the continuing challenge of secularism.

A belief that is against the beliefs of all other religions.

- Secularism treats all other religions as superstitions.

A doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations

- Everyone in their society believes in secularism.

Describe (விவரிக்க)

Secularism is the principle of seeking to conduct human affairs based on secular, naturalistic considerations.

It is most commonly defined as the separation of religion from civic affairs and the state, and may be broadened to a similar position concerning the need to remove or minimalize the role of religion in any public sphere.

The term has a broad range of meanings, and in the most schematic, may encapsulate any stance that promotes the secular in any given context.

It may connote anticlericalism, atheism, naturalism, or removal of religious symbols from public institutions.

Synonyms of secularism (ஒத்த சொற்கள்)

secularity secular irreligion atheism faithlessness disbelief infidelity sectarianism ungodliness defection

Antonyms (எதிர்ச்சொற்கள்)

certainty faith harmony belief conviction credence definiteness positiveness self-confidence

Example Sentences Of secularism In English-Tamil

1) Out goes secularism and economic reform; comes in Hindu nationalism.

2) They are no longer a huge threat to secularism.

3) Unless are devoted to God, secularism shall not leave us.

4) If this happens, it will represent a counterpunch to French secularism.

5) The debate on threat posed by the Islamic headscarf, to the concept of secularism in French society.

6) You seem to suggest that secularism is a negative.

7) It is between secularism and religious fundamentalism in all its forms.

8) Also reviewer noted the possible theme of fundamentalism vs . secularism.

9) They view his brand of secularism as an implicit attack on religion.

10) Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich telling graduates to carry on Falwell's spirit by confronting radical secularism.

11) Amateurism is a brand new perspective and an effective mode to represent intellectuals. Literary criticism should be rooted in secularism.

12) They must have done something significant to progress the cause of secularism in the past year.

13) But its vibrant economy and growing secularism have blunted that unionist argument.

14) All of these resources call into question modern secularism 's fatal error: the slide into subjectivism.

15) The boom of secularism stems from the secularization of divinity, the enlightenment of market consciousness and the inchoation of commercial spirit.

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secularism meaning in Tamil (தமிழ் அர்த்தம்) is மதச்சார்பின்மை. English definition of secularism: The belief that religion should not be involved in social and political activities

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