pathetic / பத்தெட்டிக்   


Definition And Meaning Of pathetic

Adjective (உரிச்சொல்)

Inspiring mixed contempt and pity

- Pitiable lack of character.

- Their efforts were pathetic.

Deserving or inciting pity

- The shabby room struck her as extraordinarily pathetic.

- His poor distorted limbs.

Inspiring scornful pity

- How silly an ardent and unsuccessful wooer can be especially if he is getting on in years.

Synonyms of pathetic (ஒத்த சொற்கள்)

pitiful miserable poor wretched pitiable sorry woeful lamentable lousy terrible

Antonyms (எதிர்ச்சொற்கள்)

excellent awesome glorious great happy quality beautiful superb handsome fantastic

Example Sentences Of pathetic In English-Tamil

1) It is a pathetic record.

2) His tears were pathetic to witness.

3) He derided my singing as pathetic.

4) You're pathetic! Here, let me do it.

5) The animal gave a pathetic little whimper.

6) The starving children were a pathetic sight.

7) I refused to go along with their pathetic charade.

8) The small group of onlookers presented a pathetic sight.

9) She now looked small, shrunken and pathetic.

10) After the accident he became a pathetic figure, a shadow of his former self.

11) Are you telling me you're frightened to speak to her? Don't be so pathetic!

12) It really gets me the way we're expected to actually laugh at his pathetic jokes!

13) Love, in the form of pathetic sentiment rather than of irregular passion, is the chief motive of his pieces.

14) How could anyone go so far as to seduce that pathetic woman, just to get close enough to terrorize his wife?

15) And they're intelligent thinking people -- not idiotic, useless, pathetic dumbos as the media likes to portray them!

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pathetic meaning in Tamil (தமிழ் அர்த்தம்) is பரிதாபகரமான. English definition of pathetic: Inspiring mixed contempt and pity

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