credited / க்ரெடிட்ட்   

வைப்பு, வரவு

Definition And Meaning Of credited

Verb (வினை)

Add (an amount of money) to an account

- These ‘loyalty bonuses’ are only credited to your account after twelve months.

Believe (something surprising or unlikely)

- So startling is the divergence that you can barely credit the evidence before your eyes.

Publicly acknowledge someone as a participant in the production of (something published or broadcast)

- If you are able to help in any way, you will, of course, be fully credited , and your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Synonyms of credited (ஒத்த சொற்கள்)

approved authorized acknowledged confirmed endorsed recognized sanctioned allowed

Antonyms (எதிர்ச்சொற்கள்)

disapproved disbelieved disgraced dishonored distrusted confidential

Example Sentences Of credited In English-Tamil

1) I am credited on you for six millions.

2) He was credited with saving many lives.

3) Mussolini’s regime is often credited.

4) Bigelow was also credited with preventing.

5) The Mac is often credited with popularizing.

6) She credited herself with the discovery.

7) Cook is credited with discovering Hawaii.

8) Bach is credited with performing the first solo on a piano.

9) I had credited them with more integrity than they showed.

10) He was often given the solar attributes, and was credited as a great warrior.

11) He must be credited with the finest and most original treatment of division of labour since the Wealth of Nations.

12) To this period belong the famous Junius Letters, with the authorship of which Sackville was erroneously credited.

13) This plant, credited with wonderful medicinal and aromatic properties, has not been certainly identified with any existing species.

14) This empress is said to have devoted herself personally to the care of silkworms, and she is by the Chinese credited with the invention of the loom.

15) He has been credited with a knowledge of Greek, and it is said that his translation of Euclid's Elements was made from the original Greek.


You had to be rude at least sometimes and edgy often to be credited with 'personality,' and without that accolade no one at Devon could be anyone. No one, with the exception of course of Phineas.

Our own theological Church, as we know, has scorned and vilified the body till it has seemed almost a reproach and a shame to have one, yet at the same time has credited it with power to drag the soul to perdition.

"You will have no credit for your virtue (if you call it such): even your best friends will not believe in it; because it is monstrous, and not to be credited but by those who suffer, from the effects of it, such cruel torments that they know it to be indeed reality."

All of these credited for righteousness, going back from Abraham to the first man, could be described as Christians in fact if not in name, without exceeding the truth. For the name means that the Christian, through the knowledge and teaching of Christ, excels in self-control and righteousness, in disciplines and virtue, and in the confession of the one and only God over all, and in all this they showed no less zeal than we.

In the religious traditions of the Hindus, the most important author of sacred texts is Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa. He is traditionally credited with the arrangement of the Veda into four texts as well as the composition of the epic Mahbharata (Mbh), many Puranas, and other works. Vyasa, however, has been described as mythical as his existence is impossible to prove except in myths and legends such as are preserved in the epic.

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credited meaning in Tamil (தமிழ் அர்த்தம்) is வைப்பு, வரவு. English definition of credited: Add (an amount of money) to an account

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