breaching / பிரேசிங்   

மீறுதல், மீறுகை

Definition And Meaning Of breaching

Verb (வினை)

Act in disregard of laws, rules, contracts, or promises

- Violate the basic laws or human civilization.

- Offend all laws of humanity.

Make a gap in and break through (a wall, barrier, or defense)

- And nobody worried about breaching the wall between church and state.

Make an opening or gap in

Synonyms of breaching (ஒத்த சொற்கள்)

violating breach violation violate contravention infringement contravene infringe infringing contravening

Antonyms (எதிர்ச்சொற்கள்)

according poking fun reckoning blockading honoring mending observing

Example Sentences Of breaching In English-Tamil

1) They know what a breaching ship is.

2) They are easily breaching our high security areas.

3) It is covenant-breaking, breaching covenantal relationship.

4) The act of breaching out of the water is limited due to the.

5) There was a rumble, like a massive humpback whale breaching underground.

6) You swim around breaching heads, dive down, and pop up again in new territory.

7) The crew’s focus on her was broken by the sound of breaching seawater behind her.

8) Two died when the sheets of ice shifted and broke free from the comet, breaching their suits.

9) The blacksmith lands on the knife, the point of it breaching his chest and shattering his heart.

10) That, added to the offence of breaching the rules of the general test, must be punished severely.

11) As an Intel Wing member he’d known about recent progress in ship-to-ship breaching technologies.

12) In those moments, the torn, enraged waves he shakes off, seem his mane; in some cases, this breaching is his act of defiance.

13) Yes there are breaching protocols, however our equipment and training are more suited to smaller ships with less advanced defenses.

14) It is just that when you see those girls and the state they are in and what those fucking animals do to them it is just heart breaching.

15) The passage the Lancers and the breaching ship and the junks had to traverse was less than 650 meters wide and constantly changing shape.

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breaching meaning in Tamil (தமிழ் அர்த்தம்) is மீறுதல், மீறுகை. English definition of breaching: Act in disregard of laws, rules, contracts, or promises

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