anyway Meaning in tamil


anyway / அணிவாய்   


Definition And Meaning Of anyway

Adverb (வினை உரிச்சொல்)

Used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a statement

- I don't know how it started; in any case, there was a brief scuffle.

- In any event, the government faced a serious protest.

In any way whatsoever

- They came anyhow they could.

- Get it done anyway you can.

Used to confirm or support a point or idea just mentioned

- I only remember half of that rule, and it's not the important part, anyway.

Synonyms of anyway (ஒத்த சொற்கள்)

anyhow however regardless nevertheless still nonetheless besides anywise yet though

Example Sentences Of anyway In English-Tamil

1) And it was hot anyway.

2) It was too late anyway.

3) Not on my part anyway.

4) That was my list anyway.

5) I must do it anyway.

6) It's too late now, anyway.

7) It was a pretty daft idea anyway.

8) I shall go and see the patient anyway.

9) They will probably bump you off anyway!

10) He really hates shopping but he goes anyway, and takes his medicine.

11) Catherine wasn't sure the book was the right one, but she bought it anyway.

12) Liberman realised Kurt was unsuited to office life, but offered him a contract anyway.

13) I shouldn't look forward too much to seeing Grace at the party; chances are that she won't come anyway.

14) Bisenova had been vaccinated, but she came down with smallpox anyway , then passed it along to several other people.

15) Again, the Government will presumably pass this anyway come August if it doesn't get through in the next couple of weeks.

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anyway meaning in Tamil (தமிழ் அர்த்தம்) is எப்படியும். English definition of anyway: Used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a statement

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