severe Meaning in hindi


severe / सीवियर   

गंभीर, ज़ालिम

Definition And Hindi Meaning Of severe

Adjective (विशेषण)

Causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm

- A severe case of pneumonia.

- A dangerous operation.

Unsparing and uncompromising in discipline or judgment.

- A parent severe to the pitch of hostility.

- A strict disciplinarian.

Very bad in degree or extent

- The house suffered severe damage.

- A severe worldwide depression.

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)

harsh serious hard tough acute sharp cruel intense austere rigorous

Antonyms (विलोम शब्द)

calm mild peaceful easy friendly soft facile good bland kind

Example Sentences Of severe In English-Hindi

1) A severe snowstorm blocked up railroads.

2) He developed a severe migraine headache.

3) The judge meted out severe penalties.

4) She was confronted with severe money problems.

5) On such matters I am only severe with myself.

6) A small, older woman in severe grey opened the door.

7) In 1887 a severe banking crisis occurred in Sardinia.

8) Strikes are causing severe disruption to all train services.

9) He demanded severe action against those guilty officers.

10) I have heard of such cases and know that His Majesty is very severe in such affairs.

11) As we transition from one set of economic realities to another, there will be severe disruptions along the way.

12) And Jewell knows he is now facing up to a severe test of his managerial skills as Wigan aim to set off on a winning run.

13) Barton faces a severe test, with the likes of Seebald and Fondmort among the opposition for an event which could well be the race of the meeting.

14) Certainly, there should be stricter laws and more severe punishments for breaking them, if we want to live in a violence-free society.

15) Despite the severe physical demands of his work, Tse said that he at least found his heart at ease because of the genuine contentment he derives from his work.

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severe meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मतलब) is गंभीर, ज़ालिम. English definition of severe: Causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm

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