raimburasement / रैमबुरसेमेंट   

प्रतिपुर्ति, क्षतिपुर्ति

Definition And Hindi Meaning Of reimbursement

Noun (संज्ञा)

Compensation paid (to someone) for damages or losses or money already spent etc.

- He received reimbursement for his travel expenses.

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)

compensation refund repayment indemnity recompense reparation redress indemnification requital recoupment

Example Sentences Of reimbursement In English-Hindi

1) You will receive reimbursement for any additional costs incurred.

2) She is demanding reimbursement for medical and other expenses.

3) Any change in the reimbursement rate requires the same procedure.

4) In reimbursement of these expenses, please draw on us.

5) The current reimbursement guidelines for expenses remain in effect.

6) To change visibly he explains that million dollar look tuition reimbursement program.

7) Notification of Payment Remittance advices for staff reimbursement payments are sent using e-mail.

8) Eight states are seeking reimbursement for treating diseases related to smoking.

9) Notification of payment remittance advices for staff reimbursement payments are sent using e-mail.

10) Claim forms for the reimbursement of pulpit supply costs can be obtained from the Maintenance of the Ministry Office.

11) The protection offers full reimbursement for items that are not described correctly in a product listing.

12) These cards can be a good alternative to requiring employees to use their own money for gas and later request reimbursement.

13) If you can get tuition reimbursement through your employer or another outlet, it will cost you very little to take classes and further your education.

14) Most companies will pay a portion if not all of the tuition through reimbursement programs for you to study for an MBA.

15) While our basic plans do cover cancer treatments, this rider doubles the benefits available, increasing the amount of reimbursement you can receive.

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reimbursement meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मतलब) is प्रतिपुर्ति, क्षतिपुर्ति. English definition of reimbursement: Compensation paid (to someone) for damages or losses or money already spent etc.

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