perseverance / पेर्सेवेर्नसे   

लगन, दृढ़ता

Definition And Hindi Meaning Of perseverance

Noun (संज्ञा)

The act of persisting or persevering; continuing or repeating behavior

- His perseveration continued to the point where it was no longer appropriate.

Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

- However, those who plan properly, set realistic goals, and exercise patience and perseverance can find success.

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)

persistence determination steadfastness diligence assiduity tenaciousness resoluteness obstinacy stamina fortitude

Antonyms (विलोम शब्द)

apathy cowardice indifference irresolution weakness idleness indolence laziness lethargy

Example Sentences Of perseverance In English-Hindi

1) He had perseverance in good works.

2) Perseverance is the only road to success.

3) He had perseverance in the face of obstacles.

4) It took planning and perseverance to be successful.

5) Otto had untiring perseverance and relentless energy.

6) It was this same perseverance that made her go to college.

7) Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.

8) It took perseverance to overcome his reading problems.

9) After months of disappointment, his perseverance was finally rewarded.

10) We must repeat a thousand and one times that perseverance is the only road to success.

11) All success comes from tireless effort and pursuit, and all happiness comes from daily struggle and perseverance.

12) Opportunities are not offered. They must be wrested and worked for. And this calls for perseverance and courage.

13) With courage and dogged perseverance, the Catholic faith was kept alive during the years of persecution.

14) It required all his indomitable perseverance to carry through a purpose which failing health continually menaced with frustration.

15) In the eyes of the world they may not seem as heroic - but their fidelity and perseverance form their path to eternal life.

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perseverance meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मतलब) is लगन, दृढ़ता. English definition of perseverance: The act of persisting or persevering; continuing or repeating behavior

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