partner / पार्टनर   

साथी, भागीदार, सहयोगी

Definition And Hindi Meaning Of partner

Noun (संज्ञा)

A partner is a person who participates in an activity or business or relationship with another person

- I have invited Rohit and his sister to our house.

Verb (क्रिया).

To be a partner, to do something together

- Can I be your dance partner tonight?

Describe (विवरण)

पार्टनर का अर्थ होता है जोड़ा, भागीदार, सहयोगी।

एक partner वह व्यक्ति होता है जो किसी गतिविधि या व्यवसाय या किसी अन्य व्यक्ति के साथ संबंध में भाग लेता है।

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)

mate spouse buddy helper friend wife date husband consort helpmate

Antonyms (विलोम शब्द)

foe opponent enemy stranger detractor antagonist

Similar Words (समान शब्द)

partly partnership partn party pass partisan partnering partnered

Example Sentences Of partner In English-Hindi

1) At balls he danced if a partner was needed.

2) He'd never had a partner in all his time alive.

3) Find a partner and practice these new dance steps.

4) He doesn't trust his partner. For that matter I can't blame him.

5) He declined the venture, but recommended the partner whom Bennett subsequently took.

6) The two companies have become partners in a new business venture overseas.

7) I bought out my partner and now the company is mine.

8) Banks and government must effectively partner farmers' groups who perform.

9) It's best to discuss relationship issues directly with your partner.

10) He gave up his job as a police officer after his partner was killed.

11) My golf partner is really slow, so we had to let a number of people play through.

12) He gets the team's undivided attention, but, for instance, he doesn't have a teammate as a drafting partner.


You can measure the happiness of a marriage by the number of scars that each partner carries on their tongues, earned from years of biting back angry words.

Men are so romantic, don't you think? They look for a perfect partner when what they should be looking for is perfect love.

Today's terrorism is not the product of a traditional history of anarchism, nihilism, or fanaticism. It is instead the contemporary partner of globalization.

I've found that people with flexible ears are the least rigid in life. Best way to find yourself a perfect partner may be as easy as squeezing their ears.

Being a part of a political party is something like being a partner in marriage - work at it and stay loyal to it, and when you can't stomach it any longer, leave it.

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