i am fine Meaning in hindi

i am fine

आई एम फाइन   

मै ठीक हूं, मै अच्छा हूं

Definition And Hindi Meaning Of i am fine

Phrase (वाक्यांश)

I'm OK; I'm well; I'm good; I'm happy

- "How are you, you look upset?'' "Oh, actually I’m fine thanks''

Usually used as a response to a greeting like "how are you''

- "Hello Barun how are you?'' "I am fine, and yours?''

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)

i am good i am okay i am happy i am satisfied I am all right I am well

Example Sentences Of i am fine In English-Hindi

1) I am fine but I feel pain in my feet.

2) I am fine, I think.

3) No, no, I am fine.

4) Now I am fine.

5) I feel I am fine now.

6) But I am fine and I will do the best I can.

7) I am fine with it, but he is also personally attacking me.

8) I am fine with the performance, absolutely.

9) I don’t add extra things to my diet, and I am fine.

10) I am fine now, at least, I have my family with me.

11) I am fine to accept an appropriate label, but not this.

12) I know what you're up to and thanks for the concern, but I'm fine now.

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i am fine meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मतलब) is मै ठीक हूं, मै अच्छा हूं. English definition of i am fine: I'm OK; I'm well; I'm good; I'm happy

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