humble Meaning in hindi


hambal / हम्बल   

नम्र, विनम्र, विनीत

Definition And Hindi Meaning Of humble

Adjective (विशेषण)

Not proud and do not believe that they are important than other people

- He is very humble about his relationship.

Cause (someone) to feel less important or proud

- He was humbled by his many ordeals.

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)

lowly modest unassuming simple shame lower unassuming diffident menial

Antonyms (विलोम शब्द)

arrogant sassy superior boastful confident boasting promote proud shameless

Similar Words (समान शब्द)

humanitarian humanities humanity humidity humiliate humbled humbleness

Example Sentences Of humble In English-Hindi

1) Rihana lived a very humble and simple life.

2) He in turn, looked at her as if a princess was visiting his humble abode.

3) She tried to be humble, but she was clearly proud of the straight As on her report card.

4) This philosophical sceptic is full of humble joy in salvation, of deep love for the Saviour.

5) Her humble attitude was refreshing in a society to saturated by hubris.

6) You might be surprised to know that many successful business owners came from humble backgrounds.

7) Her humble appearance made it easy for her to just blend into the crowd.

8) It is better to be humble and succeed than to be supercilious and fail.

9) Although extremely successful in the business world, Veronica remained humble about her accomplishments.

10) Many great men have arisen from humble beginnings.

11) She's contemptuous of my humble background.

12) He rose from humble beginnings to great wealth.

13) As society was becoming meeker and humble, homes were becoming more and more opulent.

14) It is for this very reason that the humble stevia plant has grown in popularity.

15) Sivaji and his fighting officers were Mahrattas of humble caste, but his ministers were Brahmans.

humble: Shabdshiksha English To Hindi Dictionary

humble meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मतलब) is नम्र, विनम्र, विनीत. English definition of humble: Not proud and do not believe that they are important than other people

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Not proud and do not believe that they are important than other people.

2. Cause (someone) to feel less important or proud
lowly, modest, unassuming, simple, shame, lower, unassuming, diffident, menial
An example of humble is telling someone they aren't as good at something as they think they are.

Thinking lowly of one's self; claiming little for one's self; not proud, arrogant, or assuming; lowly; weak; modest. God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.