desire Meaning in hindi


dijaayar / डिजायर   

इच्छा, कामना

Definition And Hindi Meaning Of desire

Verb (क्रिया)

A strong feeling of getting something or wishing to be something

- I had a strong desire to help people.

- He wants to be a doctor one day, that's his desire.

Noun (संज्ञा).

The feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state

- My desire, if I could ever be king.

An inclination to want things

- A man of many desires.

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)

wish want hope lust yearning longing passion aspiration ambition aspire

Antonyms (विलोम शब्द)

dislike disgust hate distaste repulsion indifference abomination revulsion despise disinterest

Example Sentences Of desire In English-Hindi

1) Rehana has desire to learn how to speak French.

2) Your behavior leaves much to be desired.

3) Your English leaves much to be desired.

4) Men do not desire merely to be rich, but to be richer than other men.

5) With hindsight, he was overestimating their desire for peace.

6) We have a natural desire to want to help others.

7) I have no desire to interfere with something about which I know nothing.

8) The desire to fly in the sky like a bird inspired the invention of the airplane.

9) The desire to feel important is one of the greatest cravings in most human beings.

10) Whenever man has a desire, he becomes anxious as to how he can get the object of his desire.

11) A strong sexual desire, it was contended, should be recognized as a sign of health and energy, both for the individual and for society.

12) Every time something goes wrong within a public service there is a strong desire to find out why, to legislate and prevent the problem arising again.

13) When I wake up every morning, the greatest joy is gazing upon you and sunshine, that is the future I desire.

14) Driving is the least desirable way to get around the African nation of Gabon because there are very few paved roads, and the dirt roads are slippery during the long rainy season.

15) He said that couples should discuss anything that curb's the man's regular sexual activity, which was not caused by a decrease in sexual desire.

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desire meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मतलब) is इच्छा, कामना. English definition of desire: A strong feeling of getting something or wishing to be something

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. A strong feeling of getting something or wishing to be something.

2. The feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state.

3. An inclination to want things.
wish, want, hope, lust, yearning, longing, hankering, crave, aspiration, passion, ambition, aspire
Desire, wish, want, crave, covet mean to have a longing for.
Desire stresses the strength of feeling and often implies strong intention or aim.
desires to start a new life wish sometimes implies a general or transient longing, especially for the unattainable.