abash Meaning in hindi


abash / अबश्य   

लज्जित करना, शरमाना

Definition And Hindi Meaning Of abash

Verb (क्रिया)

Cause to be embarrassed; cause to feel self-conscious

Noun (संज्ञा).

Cause to feel embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed

- To her credit, the blond looked slightly abashed.

Make (someone) feel embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed.

- She was not abashed at being caught.

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)

humiliate chagrin shame disconcert discompose abase dismay confound confuse demoralize

Antonyms (विलोम शब्द)

lure relax support brighten exhort please comfort encourage aid boost

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abash meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मतलब) is लज्जित करना, शरमाना. English definition of abash: Cause to be embarrassed; cause to feel self-conscious

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